“Men of great knowledge found out about the chakras, their workings, their petals, their sounds, their infinity and their powers.  They found that the life of a human is totally based on these chakras”.  - Yogi Bhajan


“Listen, make a way for yourself inside yourself.  You already have the precious mixture that will make you well.  Use it.
- Rumi
Art & Soul - Welcome

What is Art & Soul?

Art & Soul is a pathway to insights learned about the benefits of yoga, art and meditation in preventing illness and generating greater personal health and emotional wellbeing. Research shows that the routine practice of creative arts can positively impact our emotional state, reduce the burden of illness and suffering, and contribute to greater personal health and wellness. Engaging in creative arts helps bridge gaps in mind, body and spirit — connecting us with our inner wisdom through the shared experience of yoga, art and meditation — thus healing ourselves as individuals and across our communities.

Art & Soul is a creative arts centered process that can help us connect to our inner voice and guide our journey. No art or yoga experience is necessary on this path forward.

Art & Soul
workshops will broaden your awareness of the power of yoga, art and meditation to discover, explore and share what is most important to you as an individual and ultimately through that process to heal.

Develop the ability to change your perspectives, moods, and overall health. There is so much that you can do, and now is the time to just do it!

What happens in an Art & Soul Session?

Our fast pace of daily life often whisks us away from contemplative alone time and activities that can bring us peace and joy. Sometimes the things our souls truly long for become covered by responsibilities and worries. We forget how to access a creative experience. Yoga, art and meditation relax our minds and slow our bodies down. This helps us reduce stress and connect with our wealth of intuition.  When our bodies relax, we are able to connect with our creative spirit.

In an Art & Soul session we start with simple breathing meditation and gentle yoga poses. Through breath awareness and conscious movement we begin to tap into our innate energy source. These practices develop our concentration and open our channels to creative self-expression through the art of Process Painting.

Process Painting is a yogic form of art that has a way of centering our mind, body and spirit. Process Painting is filled with many tactile sensations.  If you are like me, there is nothing richer than squeezing all the beautiful paints on my palette and dipping my brush into each luscious, vibrant and juicy color.  I just want to use all my senses!

Painting, journaling, dialogue as well as individual and group reflections are part of an Art and Soul session.  The paints used are non-toxic tempera.  Participants work on large sheets of paper.  Group workshops that continue over time work with additional art materials such as oil pastels, collage and paper mache’. 

Why Choose Art & Soul?

  • Promotes improved health and wellbeing
  • Helps us listen to our inner voice
  • Helps us relax with a presence of mind
  • Leads to creative self discovery and renewed vitality
  • Helps us know ourselves better
  • Teaches us a "modern day active meditation" style

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