Soul Stones - Tools for Balanced Living

Stones have always been important tools for my own spiritual growth and healing, and this is why I created Soul Stones for others to use in their daily grounding practices of yoga, chanting, and meditation.

The words above the Buddha form a healing mantra. Om symbolizes all of existence, bringing the personal into alignment with universal consciousness. Namah symbolizes “bowing to... recognizing the equality of all and honoring the sacredness and source of that interconnection.” The word in between is a bija ~ a seed sound in the middle of a sacred incantation. Bija means “seed.” The metaphor of a seed is that within it is hidden potential. These seed sound mantras are rich, sacred vowel sounds. We can awaken the energy within us by using the vibratory sound associated with each chakra, as well as using all seven of the chakras’ sounds called “chakra toning.”

On Your Path
Soul Stones are sensory tools to help bring greater inner awareness. In each and every moment you have the opportunity to choose again, to redirect your thoughts.

You can make life a creative adventure as you explore and incorporate the chakra system. It is all about gaining personal knowledge of your unique self.

May these Soul Stones - Tools for Balanced Living - enrich your personal journey.

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